Week 6- My Visitors

When I first made my blog, I thought I would get a lot of visitors everyday to the point where my blog would be famous like many other famous blogs. I do have a few bloggers coming, seeing my blog, and commenting but I expected more than I have now. So, my goal is to get more bloggers coming to my blog and commenting on it than I have now. So my question is, how am I going to get more bloggers come to my blog? Is it my topic of my blog. Is it uninteresting to most. Is it my about me page. Me not having widgets. I am so confused! I had this question for a while and when finally this week’s challenge came up, I was glad. I actually can do something about it now so than I can figure out what I can do to have more bloggers come to my page. This weeks challenge was very inspiring. It gave me a lot of tips and helped me figure out what I’ve been doing wrong all this time. What I am going to do to make more readers attract to my blog is to simply visit other blogs. I rarely visited other people’s blogs unless if I knew the person. So if I go to other people’s blogs and comment on them, they’ll come to mine and comment than. It is simply a win-win. I think this challenge was great from the others only because I could relate to the problem and this challenge helped me solved it.


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2 thoughts on “Week 6- My Visitors

  1. G’day Jannat,
    Glad this challenge has helped you solve a problem regarding visitors and comments.

    A few more tips I would give you in particular are:
    1. Write in paragraphs
    2. Photo source shouldn’t be google.com – it needs to be the owner of the actual image – have you activated your compfight plugin on your blog?
    3. If you want to attract people who enjoy reading, find some other great blogs about book reviews and leave comments on them.
    4. Perhaps add a shelfari widget showing the books you are reading or wish to read.

    I just googled blogs book reviews teenagers and came up with this person who has been blogging since 2007 http://www.readingrants.org/

    Here is another website about books by teenagers for teenagers http://www.insideadog.com.au/

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