Week 7- Leadership

As a student, I often have chances to show leadership while I’m at school. My school often does projects since my school we learn by project based learning. While starting off with the projects, our teams often decides roles that need to apply as a teammate to make this project more easier and successful. There are usually three roles that you are able to play in this project. The roles are facilitator, organization manager, and accountability manager. The facilitators job is to basically be the leader of the group. His job is to make sure everything happens smoothly and everything is done right. He is the one responsible that everyone is involved in the project and everyone is motivated. The Organization managers job is to make sure everything is handed in on time. His job is also to make sure everything is organized and to also make sure that everyone is doing their work. The Accountability managers job is to make sure everyone is doing their work. Their job is to also issue warnings if needed and make sure everyone knows what they are doing. These three roles really help out with the project and I think it’s great to know who has what job because they are responsible for something making the project a whole lot easier. I am usually the facilitator in most projects and I find that role very easy and very responsible. I would try to take on this role because my teammates need me and I can’t let them down.




2 thoughts on “Week 7- Leadership

  1. G’day Jannat,
    When you do your PBL projects is there usually only three people in the group, or is it only three leadership roles within the group? Do you get to choose which role you want to take on? Is it always the same people taking on the same roles?

  2. When doing PBL projects, most of the time there are four people in a group. Even though there are three roles, we usually split one of the roles by the decisions of the group. All the roles listed have to be involved in each group so someone has to be the facilitator, another person has to be the organization manager and so on. Yes us students are able to decide which role we want to play in our team. I always like to take risks and get out of my comfort zone. This is a great example because you can be any role you want so sometimes I be the facilitator so that I can see how it’s like and be a bit more comfortable with each role.

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